What the Fireman’s Clothes Reveal (And it’s surprisingly important)


During Season 3, we see the Fireman a number one times: Talking to Coop in Ep. 1, Responding to the bomb in Ep. 8, or meeting with Andy in Ep. 14. He’s played by Carel Struyken, the same actor who played the Giant in the original series, and he’s wearing similar clothes: the bowtie of the Giant, and the tuxedo shirt of Senior Droolcup. However, he also appears to be wearing some kind of tuxedo jacket.



Throughout season 3, I assumed the Fireman was wearing a tuxedo jacket to match the rest of his attire. However, looking closer, he’s actually wearing a traditional smoking jacket with a sash.

The Facts

  • It’s pretty clear that the Fireman is wearing a smoking jacket– it has the traditional sash, and it has the crinkles and textures of velvet, which is what smoking jackets are made of.
  • While they aren’t popular anymore, smoking jackets, or house coats, were traditionally worn around the house, like a robe, and especially while smoking inside
  • Notably, it was generally considered bad form to wear smoking jackets outside of your home, and they would only be worn within the comfort of one’s own domicile.

What Does It All Mean?


  • The Giant was never seen with any kind of jacket in the original run. This might not imply anything specific for seasons 1 & 2, but it makes it likely that Lynch adding the jacket wasn’t arbitrary, and was designed to convey a specific bit of information in s3.
  • The Fireman’s locale is clearly set in the 30’s, 40’s or earlier. So for him, a smoking jacket would be something he would wear only in his own house.
  • Taken all together, it means that the Mauve Zone(at least the Mauve Tower) Is the Fireman’s home. 

    Other Threads


  • When the Fireman says “It is in our house now, ” we can be confident that he is saying “it” is in the Mauve Zone tower, 
  • “It”, I suspect, is either Mother, or Mr. C(both of whom have been shown to have access to the Mauve Tower)