Connecting The Mauve Tower to The Great Northern Hotel


The Mauve Tower is the nexus of the Fireman’s power, and his stronghold. We see him there in episodes 1, 8, 14, and 17. Additionally, we have other locations, such as Naido’s Palace, and Phillip Jeffries’ room, in the Mauve Tower as well. The Waiting Room seems to be tied to Glastonbury Grove in Ghostwood. Does the Mauve Tower have a similar real world link?


The Mauve Tower connects to the Great Northern Hotel in the

The Facts

  • Let’s start with the clearest signal: the high pitch ringing and the “Mauve Alarm.” — In the Mauve room with Ronette/American Girl, we first hear the “Mauve alarm” In Episode 3, when the power starts up in the outlet that will suck Dale into Dougie-world.
  • Next, we hear it in episode 8– it’s the alarm sound used to alert the Fireman that the Experiment is vomiting Bobs and Frogmoths all over New Mexico.
  • Finally, when Dale opens the boiler door with the lodge key, The high pitched ringing transforms into the Mauve Alarm.
  • Next: The scenery of the Boiler Room. We spend an unusually long time looking at the scenery of the Boiler Room. Lynch spends an unusually long time on scenery in general, so this might not itself be unusual. However, looking at these scenes, there are some striking similarities to the Theater Room–
  • The Room of a Million Machines as pictured here:


looks a lot like this scene in the Boiler Room(not exactly alike, however–the relationship is symbolic, not literal).

here are the photos side-by-side with the similarities in matching colors. In some frames of the ROAMM, you can actually see flickering lights similar to the lights in the Boiler Room.

  • There is also a large, inexplicable white frame behind James in one part of this scene that looks exceptionally similar to the theater screen:

What Does it All Mean?

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