The Intro Shots to the Roadhouse Are All One Scene


In every episode in season 3, there is at least one scene that takes place inside the Roadhouse, Twin Peaks’ notorious bar. Each of those scenes is set up by one of three establishing shots: a close up of the neon Bang/Bang sign, a shot of the bang/bang reflection in a puddle, or a shot of the entire bar from across the parking lot. In episodes 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, 13, 15, and 16, there is a Roadhouse scene which is established by a parking lot shot.


All of these shots take place in the same 1 minute, and together make up one shot, which is at odds with the implication that each one takes place before its respective scene.

The Facts

  • In Each of these scene, there are 3 cars: a green sedan, a gray sedan, and a white SUV. These cars are all the same color, and parked in the same places
  • The same bikes are racked in every scene
  • In Episode 2, you can see a man with a leather jacket and short haircut, and a woman with long hair, heels, and a hat. the scene cuts when they walk about halfway across the parking lot.
  • In Episode 10, you can see the same two people walking the rest of the way across the lot. In episode 2, The Chromatics are playing, and in episode 10, Rebekah del Rio is playing.

What Does It All Mean?

Often in these scenes, the music of the “current” Roadhouse act is playing during each scene, so there is a clear implication that each of these establishing shots is supposed to take place during the current act. That they are all the same scene, however, clearly refutes that.

This is clearly intentional. Why, I couldn’t say yet. However, the Roadhouse has had a strange vibe this whole season, and this only adds to it.

Potential Theories

Theories about the Roadhouse abound, and none of them are conclusive yet. These include:

  • The Roadhouse is a dream of Audrey’s
  • The Roadhouse is a dream of James’
  • The Roadhouse is a dream of Richard’s
  • The Roadhouse is in an alternate timeline
  • The Roadhouse is an abstraction
  • Everyone in the Roadhouse is dead
  • The Roadhouse is actually just a lame bar and prostitution front, and the Sweeping Man is imagining all the crazy stuff going on and famous acts.

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