Black Lodge Utility Pole In an Impossible Place with Richard Horne


High on sparkle, on his way from a meeting with Red, Richard accidentally runs over and kills a small child. He drives off, pulling into a clearing where he washes the blood off the grill with a water bottle.

Here are the parts of the hit and run scene that are relevant to this post.

  • The lady is crying in the street holding her child
  • Carl Rodd sees a gold light leave the child and float away– then he goes to silently comfort the lady
  • Then we see that nearby, the infamous #6 power post is there
  • When we see the post, the electricity sound starts playing, signifying lodge goings-on


In the clearing where Richard pulls off, we see the reflection of a utility pole in a place where no utility pole actually exists, and hear electricity crackle in the background. This utility pole is tied in some way to the Black Lodge.

The Facts

  • Richard drives into a clearing where he can park his truck


  • Then the scene cuts to a front shot of Richard parking the car


  • In that scene, we can hear characteristic lodge-activity related electricity crackling

What Does It All Mean?

Well, first, there’s the obvious black-lodge electricity sound. Lynch is extremely particular with the Sound Design of his works, and Twin Peaks is no exception. This electricity crackling is frequently tied to otherworldly activity.

Next, this utility pole doesn’t actually exist! Look at this picture:


You can see where he is going to park; check the black arrow in the pic. There’s clearly no utility pole anywhere nearby.

However, in the reflection in his windshield, we clearly see a utility pole and lines overhead. In case you didn’t get the message, you can clearly hear the same electricity sounds that were present when we see the #6 pole in child death scene. Although the sounds are slightly obscured by the engine sounds, they’re even mentioned in the subtitles in that shot.

Finally, when Richard gets out of the car, we’re back in the clearing, and there’s no electricity sound, nor any indication of utility poles.

Taken together, it’s clear that Black Lodge activity is afoot: We know Richard is Boop’s son(citation needed), so we already know he’s somewhat connected to the Lodge.

Potential Theories

  • Electricity poles, whether real or ethereal, follow around Black Lodge evildoers and harvest their Garmonbozia

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