Mr. C Built the Glass Experiment Box in NYC


In Episodes 1 and 3, we see a mysterious Glass Box that exists high above the New York City streets. Half outside, and half inside, the owner of this box is a mystery, and strange events seem to occur around it.


Mr. C is the “anonymous billionaire” that funded and constructed the Glass Experiment Box in New York City.

The Facts

  • In ep. 4, We’re shown a picture of Mr. C in front of a large, sprawling Mansion in South America. Albert then mentions that the mansion belongs to Mr. C.
  • We’re shown a picture of Mr. C speaking with an unknown man in front of the Glass Box


  • Steve, the boy who was murdered by the experiment in front of the box, mentions an “anonymous billionaire” that funded and built the box

What Does it All Mean?

There are many signs in the show that point to the Glass Box owner being Mr. C. However, we only need to look at a couple of facts to be able to determine this pretty conclusively.

First, there’s the issues of the anonymous billionaire. Steve mentions that there is supposedly “an anonymous billionaire” that funded the site. Although this is hearsay, it’s clear that whoever built this box has pretty deep pockets.

Later, we’re shown that Mr. C does, indeed, seem to have the kind of resources that would allow him to fund this kind of project. Disregarding that he seems to run a crime network spanning from South Dakota to Las Vegas, Tammy explicits shows a picture of Mr. C in front of, “his house” in South America. House is an understatement, as he seems to be walking poolside of an enormous mountain chateau.

Most critically, however, Tammy also reveals a picture of Mr. C talking with what appears to be a scientist in front of the Glass Box. As far as Lynch goes, I don’t think there can be a clearer piece of evidence.

Potential Theories

  • Mr. C built the box to trick Coop into switching with Dougie(confirmed)
  • Mr. C built the box to trap the experiment

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