Mr. C Raped Audrey, and Richard is His Son


Richard Horne is a mysterious character in The Return. Implacably evil, he carries a chip on his shoulder, resentful that other criminals would consider him cut from a different cloth. With Audrey’s fate unknown, and his origin story never revealed onscreen, it’s unclear how he fits into the Twin Peaks universe.


Mr. C Raped Audrey in the Hospital, and their son is Richard Horne.

The Facts

  • In Ep. 7, Doc Hayward is talking to Sheriff Truman, and mentions that he saw Mr. C walking out of the emergency ward– he speculates it was to ‘check on Audrey.’
  • We know that Richard Horne is around 24 years old, the age he would need to be if he were Mr. C’s son (circumstantial)
  • Ben Horne mentions that Richard “never really had a father.”
  • In Ep. 15, Richard explicitly tells Mr. C that his mother is Audrey Horne.
  • In Ep. 16, once Richard dies, Mr. C is heard saying, “Goodbye, Son.”

What Does It All Mean?

Did Mr. C rape Audrey? Apart from the episode 16 reveal (which we’ll talk about later), Doc Hayward’s non-sequiter comment about Mr. C visiting Audrey seems weirdly tangential. Providing that line doesn’t really seem to serve any purpose, unless he’s explaining the backstory to Richard’s birth.

Likewise, Ben mentions that Richard “never really had a father” (but interestingly, no mention of his mother). This is also in line with a Mr. C that raped Audrey and then split.

Finally, to seal the deal, Mr. C says, infamously, “Goodbye Son,” while watching Richard die upon a rock. This would seem to seal the deal. The only alternative here is that somehow Mr. C is mistaken which, given he preternatural knowledge of events in other parts of the series, seems unlikely.

It’s worth noting, In season 2, it was implied Audrey may have slept with John Justice Wheeler.

Potential Theories

  • Electricity and otherworldly utility poles follow Black Lodge creatures around
  • Audrey is in a coma
  • Audrey is in the Black Lodge

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