Dougie Jones The Original Is a Tulpa


The *Real* Dougie Jones appears briefly in episode 3. He is talking with the prostitute Jade, before having an apparent heart attack and dying. Coop then takes his place, as a catatonic Coop who is thought to be the now dead Dougie Jones.


Dougie Jones the Original is a Tulpa

The Facts

  • After vomiting, Dougie is whisked away to the Waiting Room with the same sound and animation as Diane, a known Tulpa, when she is sent to the Waiting Room.
  • Mike tells Dougie he’s “been manufactured for a purpose.” This mirrors what he tells Diane Tulpa later in the show.
  • The following destruction scene mirrors closely the scene where Diane Tulpa is destroyed
  • When Dougie is destroyed, something that comes out of him is a black stone that resembles a man’s face vomiting
  • Later, we watch an Cooper Tulpa being created with Coop’s hair and the (apparently) same seed as before

What Does It All Mean?

Diane’s Tulpa scene is designed as an expository scene to shed some light on what happened to Dougie earlier. We see she disappears in a similar way to Dougie, and Mike handles her the same way he did Dougie as well.

When Coop wakes up and asks Mike “to make another one,” there is very little ambiguity as to what he means. When Mike actually creates a new Dougie out of the old scene, the circle is complete, and we can say to know the entire lifecycle of creating a Tulpa.

Potential Theories

  • Boop created Dougie Tulpa
  • Boop created Dougie to trap Coop
  • Boop created Dougie to take his place in the Lodge

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