Mr. C Created Dougie Jones


We only see the *real* Dougie Jones briefly: He’s talking to Jade, the prostitute, when his arms go numb. He has what appears to be a heart attack, crawls, into the living room, vomits, then is whisked away with animation that is distinctly tied to how Tulpas disappear.


Dougie Jones, the Tulpa, was created by Mr. C, at least in part to keep him out of the Black Lodge

The Facts

  • Dougie Jones the Original is a Tulpa
  • The new Cooper Tulpa was created with the Dougie seed and a strand of Coop’s hair
  • When being deconstructed, Dougie emits a black rock that resembles a vomiting face
  • There is no evidence of Dougie existing prior to 1997, according the the Detectives Fusco
  • Dougie Tulpa is in possession of the Lodge Ring
  • Mr. C and Dougie engage in a vomit-holding contest until Dougie is warped to the Waiting Room. Coop then sees an image of Dougie in the chair before vomiting and passing out in his car.
  • Mr. C mentions to Ray and Darya at different times that he is planning on staying out of the “Black Lodge”
  • Mike seems unaware of the specific reason or time that Dougie was created

What Does it All Mean?

Let’s piece together the process of creating a Tulpa as we know it:

  1. You start with a seed. We’re not sure where these seeds come from
  2. You combine that seed with a piece of hair of the person whose Tulpa you’re creating
  3. you channel some Lodge Powers (e-lec-tri-city according to Mike) and they combine into a larger seed, which grows into a Tulpa

So, since we know that it takes a piece of an individual to create their Tulpa, we can narrow down the creators of Dougie Tulpa to two people:

  1. Coop with Mike’s help
  2. Mr. C

Coop with Mike’s Help

Let’s examine Coop with Mike’s help first. They did create a Tulpa once onscreen, so it’s reasonable to suspect they might have created Dougie as well. However, Dougie was created in 1997, while Coop was stuck in the Black Lodge. Although he could have given his hair to Mike, who could have created Dougie.

Mike, however, also doesn’t seem aware of Dougie until he deconstructs him back into the seed. He mentions, “You were manufactured for a purpose. I think that purpose has been fulfilled,” but doesn’t sound very sure.

He follows up by shouting to Catatonic Coop that he, “was tricked,” and warns him, “not to die.” Not particularly the kind of things we would expect him to say if he and Coop had made the Tulpa together.

verdict: possible, but unlikely

Mr. C

There’s a lot of evidence that Mr. C is the one behind the creation of Dougie. First, as previously noted, we need the hair of either Coop or Mr. C.

Next, Dougie is in possession of the Lodge Ring. At the end of season 2, the ring is on the finger of Annie’s attending nurse. Not a place where Coop could easily get ahold of it, but certainly somewhere Mr. C could get it, especially considering he went to the hospital at the same time Annie was there.

The most compelling evidence comes from early in Season 3. Mr. C mentions to Darya that he has a plan for staying out of the Lodge. Later, during the intense car crash scene with Mr. C, he is seen holding in his vomit. The curtains start appearing in front of him, signalling his eminent return. However, at the same time, we see Dougie struggle, vomit then disappear. Finally, Mr. C sees Dougie sit in the previously empty chair in the Waiting Room, and the curtains flashing in front of him (and electricity sounds) subside.

Taken all together, we have The Ring, which we know is used to transport people to the Lodge, Dougie’s appearance in 97, when Coop was still in the Waiting Room, and Dougie’s onscreen appearance during Mr. C’s fight to stay out of the Black Lodge.

verdict: very likely that Dougie was created by Mr. C to keep him out of the Lodge

Potential Theories

  • Mr. C used Dougie to trick Cooper


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