Where Does the Laura orb in Episode 8 Go


In Episode 8, the Fireman thought-creates a Golden Orb with a photo of Laura Palmer inside. Senorita Dido kisses the orb, and sends it into the world via the Fireman’s interactive theater screen. On first watch, it seems like the orb would be going to Twin Peaks. However, with the additional info of the finale, watching this scene, the final direction of the orb is not quite so cut and dry.


The Laurb (Laura Orb) does not head to Twin Peaks. Instead, it heads to Odessa, Texas.

The Facts

  • Carrie Page lives in Odessa, Texas
  • Laura Palmer lives in Twin Peaks, Washington
  • Here is a Time Lapse re-spliced image of the orb at various points on the theater screen (how I put this image together is below):


  • Here is the location of Odessa, TX on the US Map:


What Does It All Mean?

Recently there has been some outcry over a few images that turned out to be Doctored to fit a theory. Most notably, the Sarah-Palmer-Face-Teeth debacle where someone image-morphed the teeth inside Sarah Palmer’s open face to resemble Laura’s teeth.

With that in mind, the first thing I should do is clarify how I arrived at the image above.

First, I took 20 stills at regular frame intervals of the scene where Dido is looking at the screen. Those still look like this:


I then took each still, and cut out a contiguous part of the image that contained three landmarks:

  1. The orb location on the theater screen
  2. Dido’s head and shoulders (for alignment)
  3. the orb launcher (for alignment)

Then, using the launcher and shoulders for reference, I set the opaqueness to 75% and aligned it to a background still of the theater screen, in order to get the orb in the correct position in the larger context of the entire screen.

Finally, I created a copy of the orb when the screen is at full brightness, and copied it onto that location on the map. This is why the orbs look so clear and similar– I did this for clarity’s sake, and can provide the stills if someone wants to see them with those orbs removed.

One last note: As this shot concludes, it fades to black. The last image where I can make out the location of the orb (and the one with the orb farthest to the left in the above shot) actually looked like this:


In order to get a read on the location of the orb at this point, I did a few things:

  1. I adjusted the brightness of the image until it was comparable to earlier images
  2. I increased saturation
  3. I slightly increased contrast and increased sharpness

To get an image that looked more like this:


Even still, I had to do a pixel-by-pixel analysis to determine that the shape of the slightly-blue area (under the slightly green area) over the southwestern united states fit the shape and gradient properties of the orb. It’s worth noting at this point that I’m not a professional image editor.

Now, to really hit the image home, let’s look at where Odessa is on the map:


Which is pretty spot on where the orb seems to be headed (side note: this map, without Mexico at the bottom, is harder to mentally project onto the scene in episode 8. I’ll try to find a better map with Mexico shown at the bottom).

So, taken all together, this paints a compelling picture that Laurb doesn’t go to Twin Peaks, but instead travels south to Carrie Page’s location in Odessa, Texas.

Potential Theories

  • Carrie is a bomb
  • Laura is a Tulpa
  • Carrie is a Tulpa
  • Tulpas all over the place
  • There is a real Laura and a Tulpa Laura
  • Carrie is a trap for Judy

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