Mr. C Is The “Bad Man” in Duncan Todd’s Life


Duncan Todd is a Las Vegas casino magnate and the rival of fellow casino owners Bradley and Rodney Mitchum. He orders a variety of hits on individuals including Dougie Jones. He doesn’t have anything against Jones specifically, but is acting under orders from a “Bad Man in his life.”


Mr. C is the “Bad Man” in Duncan Todd’s Life.

The Facts

  • In Episode 2, Todd tells his assistant not to let “a man like him in your life.”
  • In Episode 9, Cooper calls Todd, asking for an update on the assassination of Dougie Jones
  • In response to that call, Todd has Anthony Sinclair attempt to assassinate Dougie.

What Does It All Mean?

This post is an establishing post for some of the more structurally intense posts. There’s not a lot of analysis that’s needed here: We have on-screen first person evidence that Todd is beholden to Mr. C.

Potential Theories

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