Mr. C Set Up Multiple Hits on Dougie-Coop


For most of Season 3, Agent Cooper wanders somnambulantly through Las Vegas as Dougie, Mr. C’s late Tulpa. Despite multiple coordinated assassination attempts on his life, Dougie-Cooper effortlessly wins friends, money, and loyalty from his would-be enemies. The question is, who was out to get him that whole time, and why?


Mr. C was the person who set up all the assassination attempts on Dougie’s life.

The Facts

There were five separate plots to assassinate Dougie during the course of this season. They were:

  1. The two men and woman who tried to shoot him, then blow up his car
  2. The attempted murder by Ike the Spike.
  3. The attempt by Anthony Sinclair to set up Dougie-Coop so the Mitchum Brothers would kill him
  4. Sinclair’s attempt to poison Dougie-Coop
  5. Chantal and Hutch stakeout in front of the Jones’ residence

1. The Car Bomb / Rifle Team – Gene and Lorraine



  • In Episode 5, Lorraine Talks to Gene, and asks why the murder hasn’t been completed yet. She makes it clear that murdering Dougie-Coop is extremely urgent. She also seems very stressed during this scene.
  • Lorraine then takes out her blackberry and texts “2,” to a number titled “Argent” in her phone. This causes the black box in Buenos Aires to flash its 2 red lights twice.
  • In Episode 5, Mr. C sets off the alarms in Yankford Federal Prison while making his phone call. He says, “The Cow Jumped Over the Moon,” which appears to make the black box in Argentina disappear, then turn into a black Lodge-rock.
  • In Episode 6, Ike The Spike murders Lorraine

2. The Attempted Murder by Ike The Spike



  • Duncan Todd works for Mr. C
  • In Episode 6, Todd, upon seeing a red square on his computer, takes out a file with a dark circle on the front, and gives it to his assistant
  • That same file slides under the door of Ike the Spike. It contains pictures of Lorraine and Dougie-Coop. Ike stabs each picture
  • Ike the Spike murders Lorraine, then later, attempts to murder Dougie-Coop in front of his office. Dougie-Coop stops him
  • Duncan Todd later finds out from his assistant that Ike The Spike has been arrested

3. The attempt by Anthony Sinclair to set up Dougie-Coop so the Mitchum Brothers would kill him



  • Duncan Todd works for Mr. C
  • In Episode 9, Mr. C calls Todd and asks him for a status report on the murder of Dougie-Coop
  • In Episode 10, Anthony Sinclair is summoned by Todd, who explicitly tells him to frame Dougie-Coop with the Mitchum Brothers
  • Anthony does so, but the plot is foiled due to Cherry Pie, Bradley Mitchum’s dream, and a $30 million check from Bushnell Mullins

4. Sinclair’s attempt to poison Dougie-Coop


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  • Duncan Todd works for Mr. C
  • In Episode 10, Sinclair is told by Todd, that if the plot with the Mitchum Brothers fails, he will need to murder Dougie-Coop himself. Since that plot does fail, Sinclair sets about murdering Dougie-Coop
  • This fails when Dougie-Coop is attracted to the dandruff on Sinclair’s shoulders

5. Chantal and Hutch Outside the Jones’ house




  • Chantal and Hutch are assigned multiple assassinations and cleanups by Mr. C, including episodes 2, 9, and 12
  • Chantal and Hutch refer to Mr. C as the “bossman” in episode 9
  • In episode 15, Chantal kills Todd and his assistant. She then calls someone, ostensibly Hutch, and says, “One down, one to go.”
  • In episode 16, Hutch asks if they should take out one of the Mitchum Brothers when they show up at Dougie’s house. Chantal responds, “Do either of them look like our boss?”


What Does It All Mean?

We’re first going to prove attempts 3 and 4 in one go. Then we’ll wrap in plot 2, plot 1, and finally, plot 5. Why am I proving all 5 plots at once? Good question.

Plots 3 and 4

These two are pretty straightforward. We know Todd is working for Mr. C. We also know that Mr. C explicitly calls in to Todd and asks him how the murder is going. Todd responds in the negative, but affirms he’s working on it. In the next episode, Todd orders Sinclair to execute plot 3, and if that fails, plot 4. From Todd’s call with Mr. C, it’s clear that he’s executing these plot on Mr. C’s orders.

Plot 2

First, we know Duncan Todd works for Mr. C, and that Todd also ordered this hit. So all we have to do is establish that he ordered it for Mr. C

Going back to the Mr. C call, Evil Coop asks how the murder is going, implying that this has been an outstanding order for Todd to carry out. Considering how clear the call makes it that Mr. C, not Todd, is after Dougie-Coop, that should be enough to resolve that the motive lies with Mr. C.

There is one more thing, that I’m hesitant to lean on as evidence, but that is certainly hinted at. Todd receives a red square on his screen that initiates this hit against Dougie-Coop. There is enough (albeit circumstantial) evidence of where that red square comes from that I’m writing a follow-up post on the entire arc of a certain mysterious object from this season.

Plot 1

A relevant aside from Plot 2– that wasn’t just a plot to murder Dougie-Coop; it was also the successful murder of Lorraine, the woman in charge of carrying out the hit on Dougie-Coop in episode 3 (aka Plot 1). Considering we’ve proven that Mr. C was behind plot 2, we can confidently say that Mr. C was aware of Lorraine and needed her killed for some reason.

However, that’s not all. Lorraine was also seen texting the number “2,” to an Argentina number, which then caused the box in Buenos Aires to beep twice. Likewise, Mr. C calls that box as well while in jail, and presumably discovers that Lorraine texted the 2 to that box.

This box-communication, especially considering that Lorraine sent her message *right* after she found out Dougie hadn’t been killed, pretty clearly implies Mr. C as the mastermind behind the car bomb plot against Dougie-Coop in the Rancho Rosa Complex.

Plot 5

Plot 5 has the least to do with the other plots, except that it happened because all the others failed.

First, we can easily establish that Chantal and Hutch are employed by Mr. C. We’ve seen them do jobs on his behalf in multiple scenes, and both of them even call Mr. C “boss man.”

Next, there’s the murder of Todd. Chantal kills him in his office, in the same way Todd uses Ike the Spike to get rid of Lorraine. This fits Mr. C’s MO– it seems like he likes to clean up after himself whenever he’s getting things done.

Finally, while they’re parked outside Dougie-Coop’s house, Chantal mentions that they’re looking to hit someone who looks like their boss, or Mr. C. There is only one person that would:

a. Know that Dougie-Coop exists

b. Know that he would look like Mr. C

and that person is Evil Coop himself.


Potential Theories

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