What is This?

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Welcome! This is my Twin Peaks- The Return Analysis site. I’ll be posting detailed scene analysis, insights into the show, and analyze different theories about the show’s underlying narrative.

WARNING: Major Spoilers Everywhere

If you have not seen Twin Peaks, The Return, stop here. Please do not go any further. There are spoilers everywhere, there’s no getting around it. I’m not going to post spoiler tags, because everything on this site is a spoiler. Repeat: this entire site is a spoiler.


What is Our Goal?

The goal of this site is to build a comprehensive understanding of the events and story of Twin Peaks, The Return (AKA Twin Peaks Season 3). In the wake of the season finale, hundreds of fan theories cropped up attempting to explain the events, and conclusion, of this new, very Lynchian season. Often, these theories would start with a premise, and modify that premise until it fits every detail that occurs in the show.

We are taking the opposite approach. Scene by scene, block by block, we are building our theory from the ground up by proving smaller, approachable hypotheses within the series. We then take these proven points and chain them into larger narratives, and eventually, those narratives into coherent theories.



Navigating This Site

Moving on: you can navigate these posts via the categories tree to the right. There I have posts sorted by episode, character narrative, and location.


Pretty self explanatory. If it’s in an episode category, it happens in that episode.

Character Narrative

That post or analysis reveals something about the motivations of, or narrative surrounding, a particular character in the show. Each post within a certain character category should illuminate what is happening with that character, and why


Similar to character narrative, but for locations instead of characters.

This is a page dedicated to collection and managing my various Scene analyses, hypotheses, and theories around Twin Peaks, The Return, with the hope of eventually building to a personal understanding of the events in the show.



Structure of Each Post

Each post will be structured as follows:


Here I’ll post a little bit of background around the scene in question, and present all the necessary info to frame the hypothesis.


The hypothesis is the specific statement we are trying to prove. For example, “The Experiment has possessed Sarah Palmer,” or, “Ray gave Mr. C the Wrong Coordinates.” This hypothesis is frequently in the context of a single scene, and may not be something conclusive about a plot point, but more decisively describe a potentially ambiguous scene. For example: “All the Road House parking lot shots are of the exact same scene,” or, “There is a pattern in the scene of James Hurley in the Furnace Room.”

The Facts

This is a breakdown of the evidence in favor of this hypothesis. Usually this evidence occurs in a single scene, but other scenes are sometimes referenced. Contradictory evidence is also presented and mitigated. For larger narrative structures, some of the facts can be references to other posts, proving specific points that are later used in other cases.

What Does it All Mean?

Based on the facts, this is an analysis of those facts and an explanation of how they relate to, and reinforce, the hypothesis. Other info may be referenced here, but generally all evidence should be referenced in the facts, and this should only be an analysis of that evidence.


This Summarizes the analysis, and references that the hypothesis is confirmed, plausible, or false

Potential Theories

These are hypotheses that may be suggested or supported by this post, but that have insufficient evidence to be concluded definitively on their own. For example: if the post was “Ray gave Mr. C the wrong coordinates,” a potential thread would be, “Ray gave bad coordinates at the behest of Jeffries,” or, “Ray was working with the Fireman to stop Mr. C.”

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