The Locations of Mr. C’s Coordinates


During Season 3, one of Mr. C’s driving motivations is acquiring a set of coordinates.  These coordinates seem to be key to acquiring his interest, the shape on the Ace of Spades.


During his travels, he gets ahold of four sets– one from Ray, one from Diane-Tulpa, one from Jeffries, and one from an unknown person.

Of these coordinates:

1 fake set comes from an unknown person

1 fake set comes from Ray

1 real set comes from Jeffries

1 real set comes from Diane

In this context, ‘fake’ is what electrocuted Richard, and ‘real’ is Jackrabbit’s Palace.


The Facts

  • In Episode 16, Mr. C tells Richard, “I have 3 coordinates, 2 that match and one that doesn’t…we are at the two that match.”


  • In Episode 16, Richard gets electrocuted at the spot of the two that match (We’ll call these ‘fake’ coordinates)


  • After Richard gets electrocuted, Mr. C tries to send the 🙂 All text. It fails, however it can be presumed that he later sends it successfully


  • After Diane receives the “:-) ALL” text, she sends the coordinates she saved from Ruth Davenports’ arm to Mr. C


  • After Diane memorizes the coordinates on Ruth’s arm, she looks them up in her phone. They point to twin peaks


  • Ruth Davenports’ Coordinates start with 48


  • In Episode 15, The coordinates Jeffries gives to Mr. C start with 48


  • In Episode 16, Jerry Horne watching Richard dying through his binoculars


  • The first scene with Jerry outside of the Lodge, he’s telling Ben that someone stole his car. We have no indication of where he is at this point, and his surroundings indicate he could well be in Wyoming already.


  • In Episode 17, Ben Horne receives a call saying Jerry is in Jackson Hole Wyoming after seeing Richard electrocuted


  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming coordinates start with 43

What Does It All Mean?

First let’s see how we got to 4 sets of coordinates.

We know from Mr. C at the Jackson Hole rock that he had 3 coordinates. He receives Diane’s coordinates after Richard is already dead, so he couldn’t have had Diane’s coordinates at that point. Diane’s coordinates bring the total to 4.



How do we know who gave Mr. C which coordinates? Well, we actually get to see two of the coordinates: Jeffries (partly) and Diane’s. They both start with latitude 48, which runs right through Washington state. Additionally, we know that Diane’s coordinates are in Twin Peaks, since we watch her look up their location on her phone.

But, how do we know these are the coordinates to Jack Rabbit’s Palace? Couldn’t the fake coordinates also lead to Twin Peaks? How do we know Jeffries’ and Diane’s are the same if we don’t see Jeffrie’s full coordinates?

Jerry Horne comes in the clutch here 🙂 He witnesses Richard’s death, then gets naked and runs to the cops, like only Jerry would. The cops call to Ben Horne is how we find out he was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which has a latitude starting with 43. each degree of latitude is ~70 miles, so if Richard died in Twin Peaks, Jerry would have had to run, naked, for 350 miles to get picked up in Jackson Hole.



That leaves the other two coordinate, which must point to Wyoming. We never see Ray’s coordinates, so that checks out. As for the fourth set, well, that might just remain a mystery. That being said, if anyone has any leads on it, I’d love to hear from you!


  • Phillip Jeffries and Diane have matching coordinates that point to Jackrabbit’s Palace
  • Ray Monroe and an unknown individual have coordinates that point to the Wyoming Rock

Potential Theories

There is a widespread theory that Jeffries is lying to Mr. C during their encounter. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Jeffries clearly gives Mr. C coordinates to Jackrabbit’s Palace, and seems so confused, that when the real Cooper shows up, it doesn’t even seem like Jeffries realizes the conversation ever stopped. he keeps going on about Judy, even though Coop doesn’t ask anything about Judy.


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