Accessing the Mauve Zone Via the Convenience Store


We know the Mauve Zone, the place where the Fireman lives, and the place with Naido’s Palace. We also know the Convenience Store, which came into exist during the Trinity Test and serves as some kind of nexus point for Lodge entities.


The Convenience store is an access point for the Mauve Zone

The Facts

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  • Mr. C is able to go visit the apparition of Jeffries in the Convenience Store.
  • Mike and Coop and able to travel directly to the Mauve Tower by traveling through the interior of the Convenience Store

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What Does It All Mean?

It’s pretty clear that Mike and Coop are able to access the Mauve Zone via the Convenience Store, which would pretty conclusively determine that the Dutchman’s is a Mauve waypoint.


The Convenience Store is a way to access the Mauve Zone.

Potential Theories

let’s talk a little bit about Mr. C’s visit with Jeffries.

First, we know that Mr. C was only interacting with some kind of hologram of Jeffries; he wasn’t actually in Jeffries’ room. If Dutchman’s has direct access to Jeffries, why not let Mr. C visit him directly? If all it really takes is turning right instead of going straight, it’s hard to imagine that the Woodsmen don’t know where Jeffries is.

For that matter, Mr. C has no idea where Jeffries is until Ray tells him. It seems like the Woodsmen are working for BOB, after all, they help revive Mr. C, and take him where he needs to go in the Convenience Store. So why wouldn’t they communicate to him that they have access to Jeffries?

It’s also interesting to note that the Convenience Store was empty when Mike and Coop showed up, almost as if they needed to clear it out before they could talk to Jeffries directly.

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