What was Mr. C’s role regarding Naido?


In Part 16, one of the big reveals of the episode was that not only had Mr. C raped Diane, but Diane herself was a Tulpa. In Part 17, we find out that Naido is actually the original Diane. How did Diane end up disguised, blind, and gagged? How did she end up in the Mauve Zone in Part 3?


Mr. C put Diane into Naido’s Palace, disguised her as an asian woman, blinds her, and removes her ability to vocalize.


The Facts



  • In Episode 16, Diane-Tulpa reveals that Mr. C raped Diane-Original


  • Diane-Tulpa also reveals that Mr. C took Diane-Original to the Convenience Store



  • In Episode 17, we see the Lodge material used to create Diane’s inhibiting mask. It looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.20.03 PM


What Does It All Mean?


 An Unforgettable Night With Diane

In Episode 16, Diane-Tulpa shocks us with an emotional account of how Mr. C raped Diane-Original. She recounts how Mr. C drives her to the Convenience Store, then, eyes widening, seems to realize remember how Mr. C created her. Diane-Tulpa gasps, “I’m not me!” before being shot and spiriting away like Dougie in Episode 3.


The Beginning of Naido

In addition to being emotionally gripping, this scene gives us a rare insight into how Mr. C created the Tulpas. However, it doesn’t really address the question we’re asking: What does Mr. C have to do with Naido?

We know there’s some kind of connection between the Glass Box in NYC and Naido’s Palace, and we know that Mr. C built the glass box in NYC. Going back to Diane and Mr. C in the Convenience Store, we also know The Convenience Store is a gateway to the Mauve Zone. None of this, however inviting, is enough to pin Naido’s state on Mr. C’s shoulders, although it does seem to suggest he’s responsible.

In Episode 17, Naido reveals herself to be Diane when she connects with Cooper in the Sheriff’s Station. In this scene, her face comes off in a revealing way:


  • First, her face is covered in smoke, then a match strike sound occurs, accompanied by smoke coming out of Naido’s mouth-area

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 9.31.24 PM.png


  • Next, the red Room appears in Naido’s face, then around Naido, and her face opens up, revealing a dark material underneath

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 9.33.17 PM


Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.20.03 PM


Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 10.10.50 PM


To summarize: We know Mr. C took Diane to the Convenience Store to make a Tulpa. We know the Convenience Store is a nexus for Lodge creatures and an access point for the Mauve Zone. We know Mr. C’s Glass Box is tied to Naido’s Palace. And, crucially, we have strong evidence that ties Mr. C’s MO (Modus Operandi) to the creation of Naido’s Mask. Put together, this is a pretty strong case that Mr. C is responsible for creating Naido and trapping her in Naido’s Palace.



There is strong evidence that Mr. C is responsible for taking Diane and creating and trapping Naido in Naido’s Palace.


Potential Theories

  • I’m still not sure why Mr. C kept Diane at all. Does she serve some larger purpose in how Coop left the Waiting Room the first time? Why not just kill her? Apparently, actual Tulpas in Tibetan mythology need their host to stay alive in order to maintain existence. If that’s the line Lynch is taking here, then it would make sense for Mr. C to blind and gag Diane and send her to some otherworldly prison.


  • Not sure what to make of this, but in the scene with the Naido-face-rock, Coop’s superimposed face disappears, then comes back after we return to the Sheriff Station. I would love to hear theories on why this is.


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