The Buckhorn and Dougie-Tulpa Mini-Timeline


In Season 3, Buckhorn, SD is a weird Twin Peaks outpost in the American Badlands. We have the Hastings murders, Ruth Davenport, Woodsmen, and the our first glimpse of the new Major Briggs. However, untangling the mess of narratives into a timeline has proven difficult.


Below is the proposed timeline for the events in Buckhorn, as well as the events of Dougie’s

The Facts

The Woodsmen were the ones who interrupted Hastings’ meeting with Briggs

  1. In Episode 1, when questioned by Detective Mackley, Hastings mentions that the current day was Saturday
  2. In Episode 9, When questioned by Tammy, Hastings reveals he met with Briggs the second time on Thursday. It was this trip where he gave Briggs the coordinates, the Woodmen came in, Ruth was murdered, and Briggs’ head left his body.
  3. When Detective Mackley debriefs Albert, he mentions that Betty’s car exploded the day after Phyllis was murdered
  4. In Episode 1, At Dinner with Ray and Darya, Mr. C mentions, “The Day after tomorrow I may need to go away for awhile.”
  5. In Episode 2, before he kills Darya, Mr. C tells her, “Tomorrow I’m supposed to go to the place they call the Black Lodge.”
  6. In this episode before the Darya scene, Mr. C puts his car away with Jack, then appears to kill Jack. We then here that earlier in that day, Mr. C and Jack had ‘wired’ Betty’s car.
  7. After Dougie-Tulpa disappears, he immediately shows up in Mr. C’s vision of the waiting room, causing the waiting room to disappear.
  8. Cooper takes Dougie’s place within a short time after Dougie-tulpa disappearing, while Jade was still showering.
  9. In Episode 3, Janey-E tells Dougie he’s been missing for three days when he arrives from the Silver Mustang.
  10. In Episode 4, Sinclair mentions to Dougie-Cooper on his first day back that he missed, “The Last two days of work.”

What Does It All Mean?


  • Mr. C picked up Darya and Ray from Buella’s?
  • Briggs and Ruth meet with Major Briggs (2)
  • Ruth is murdered, and Briggs body is separated from his head (2)


  • Dougie-Tulpa doesn’t show up for work, and begins his “bender.” (6) – we know this for a


  • Bill Hastings arrested
  • Phyllis is murdered by Mr. C
  • Mr. C, Ray, Darya, and Jack get dinner
  • Duncan Todd approves the hit on Dougie and gives it to Lorraine


  • Mr. C and Jack wire Betty’s car
  • Mr. C kills Darya
  • Betty the secretary dies in a car explosion


  • Dougie dies and whooshes into the Waiting Room
  • Cooper portals through the outlet and takes Dougie’s place
  • Mr. C vomits and crashes his car
  • The above three collectively referred to as “The Switch”
  • Cooper, as Dougie, returns home after his alleged three day bender


  • Cooper-as-Dougie goes to work

Here’s how we get this timeline: first, Hastings’ arrest provides the anchor– its the one day we know absolutely; he sets the day during Mackley’s interrogation. We know Phyllis went to visit him during the day, then went home in the early evening to get murdered by Mr. C.

That evening, Mr. C goes to get dinner with Ray and Darya. We know this because it occurs the day before Mr. C kills Darya– in this scene he mentions that his ‘going away’ will occur the day after tomorrow. He tells Darya before he kills her that it’s happening the next day.

The next day, Mr. C loads the secretary’s car, then hides his own car, and kills Jack. He then goes back and kills Darya. We know this is the next day because of Mackley’s comment to Albert: he mentions that Betty’s car blows up ‘the next day’ after Phyllis is murdered.

The day after that(monday) is when the switch occurs. Mr. C mentions to Darya the night before that ‘tomorrow’ he would avoid returning to the Black Lodge.

This same day is when Dougie-Cooper returns to Dougie’s home. Janey-E mentions he’s been missing for the past ‘three days.’ Given that Sinclair mentions that Dougie missed, “the last two days of work,” we can actually infer that he’s been missing four days– he left friday morning, and didn’t go to work. He also didn’t return home. Janey-E would have thought he was on a bender and took off after work, not realizing he didnt’ go to work at all. She would think he’s been missing Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, when he’s actually been gone for most of Friday as well.

Alternately, she might not be counting Monday, since that’s the day Dougie returns. So then her three days would be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Please, please, please let me know if you can add anything else to this timeline. More so than my other posts, this is living, and will be updated as I try to put more of it together.

So why am I suddenly jumping to Buckhorn, after no other posts about it? And why combine the Buckhorn and Dougie timelines? Right now I have most of the post done for the Dougie / Mr. C switch, however there are a few loose ends that need to be tied up, most having to do with Buckhorn. This timeline clarifies a few things:

  • Mr. C, if he took the wedding ring from Dougie (which evidence suggests he did), must have done it before the events in Buckhorn started to unfold, i.e. before Thursday, because Dougie was at work and home all day Thursday.
  • Mr. C did not kill Ruth. If he did, he would have known the coordinates without having to go through Ray.
  • In fact, whoever killed Ruth either wasn’t looking for the coordinates on Ruth’s arm, or was unable to communicate them to Mr. C

Building Off This Post

Mr. C’s Plan For the Blue Rose Task Force


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  1. Did you mean to say, “So she would think he’s been missing Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, when he’s actually been gone for most of FRIDAY as well.” That would make more sense. Also, it’s not necessary that Janey-E think he’s only been missing since Saturday because he comes back on the 4th day, so she could have been counting Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but not Monday. In other words, he wasn’t “missing” on Monday because he returned on Monday.


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