Did Ray Ever Actually Get the Coordinates From Betty?


Coordinates play a key role in Mr. C’s narrative.


Ray did not get any coordinates from Betty. The coordinates he gave Mr. C were from somewhere else.

The Facts

  1. In Episode 9, Hastings tells Agent Preston that he didn’t have the coordinates– Ruth Davenport did
  2. In Episode 2, we find out Hastings was having a secret affair with Ruth Davenport
  3. In Episode 1, Mr. C asks Ray over dinner, “did you get the coordinates from the secretary[Betty]?” Ray responds no. When Mr. C doubts that she has them, Ray affirms, “She’s Hastings’ secretary; she knows what he knows.”
  4. Mr. C then comments, “funny that she’ll only give them to you.”
  5. In Episode 13, while being interrogated by Mr. C, he says, “do you really think I’d tell you the coordinates? And do you really think you could trust them if I did?”
  6. The coordinates that Ray gives Mr. C aren’t the same coordinates that were written on Ruth’s arm.


What Does It All Mean?

There are a few threads that lead us to two conclusions: Betty didn’t have the coordinates, and Ray lied to Mr. C about the coordinates he had.


Betty Didn’t Have the Coordinates

Our first hint about Betty was Hastings’ interview with Agent Preston. When she asks him about the coordinates he claims he doesn’t have them, and that Ruth kept the coordinates written on his arm. Likewise, Ray tells Mr. C that he’ll get the coordinates from Betty, since, “she’s Hastings’ secretary. She knows what he knows.” Which, since Hastings apparently doesn’t actually know the coordinates, she wouldn’t know either.

Intuitively, this makes sense anyway. She’s his secretary at the local high school– he wouldn’t want to give her information about the things he was researching with his mistress. He wouldn’t want to hold onto incriminating information, so he would have Ruth keep it.


Ray Lied About the Coordinates

The obvious point here is that Ray didn’t give Mr. C the same coordinates Ruth had. So Ray definitely lied about the most important point– even if he had Hastings’ coordinates, he didn’t give them to Mr. C. He actually says as much to Mr. C when being interrogated: “Do you really think I would give you the coordinates? Do you really think you could trust the numbers I give?”

This isn’t the first time Ray acts strangely when mentioning Betty’s coordinates. In the first episode, we see that, apparently, Ray is the only one Betty will give the coordinates to. Even Mr. C finds this suspicious, but if we know Betty doesn’t actually have the coordinates, it makes sense that Ray wouldn’t want anyone else talking to her.



It seems pretty clear to me, based on all this, that Betty didn’t ever actually have the coordinates, and Ray gave Mr. C some other set of coordinates, the origin of which is unknown.


Building Off This Post

Why does this matter at all? Betty’s coordinates, or lack thereof, is another piece of the Buckhorn / Ray Monroe puzzle. When did he start working for Jeffries? And when did that correspond to him becoming a paid informant? Why are the bodies arranged the way they are after Ruth is murdered? Who actually murdered Ruth?