Mr. C’s Plan For the Blue Rose Task Force

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It seems out of character that Mr. C, who goes to great lengths to remain hidden to authorities, would stage Ruth and Major Briggs. Why not just dispose of the bodies? And why stage Briggs body when he knows it would get so much attention from the FBI and military? Finally, why would he put Dougie’s ring in the Major’s stomach? Was Mr. C the one who actually did put the ring there?



All these events were planned and executed intentionally by Mr. C as part of a larger plan to distract the attention of the Blue Rose Task Force.


The Facts


  • In episode 12, Diane receives a text from Mr. C that says, “Las Vegas?” She responds with, “THEY HAVEN”T ASKED YET”


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  • Later in that Episode, Albert and Cole talk about the text, and wonder aloud, “What do we know that we haven’t asked her about?’
  • In Episode 1, Briggs body is found in Ruth Davenport’s apartment
  • In Episode 7, Dougie’s ring, found in Briggs’ stomach, is presented to the BRTF


What Does It All Mean?


After Mr. C escapes the Red Room, he disappears. Agent Cooper is declared missing, and the FBI opens a case to figure out where he is. Mr. C shares fingerprints with Cooper, as well as his face. He stays off the radar of law enforcement for 25 years while engaging in a vast criminal conspiracy.

The Plan

So Mr. C shows up in Buckhorn, trying to get the coordinates that Hastings gives to Major Briggs. He proceeds to murder everyone and bring the BRTF to South Dakota. Why, if Mr. C is engaging in this enormous criminal conspiracy, why did he suddenly want to draw attention to himself? The first thing to notice is that, actually, he didn’t.

Mr. C goes to great lengths to remain invisible while in Buckhorn. He hides the Mercedes he was driving, then murders Jack, the only person who knows where it’s hidden. He murders every other person who got a look at him: Phyllis, Ruth, Ray, and Darya (excepting, of course, Chantal, who seems to be in Mr. C’s inner circle). So after he left Buckhorn, nothing connected him to the town.




Why then, does he draw attention to Buckhorn at all? First, remember, he replaced Diane with Diane-Tulpa, with the intention of using her as an informant and misdirecting the BRTF. So he kills Ruth, and puts Briggs body in Buckhorn in order to draw the BRTF. His objective is to get Dougie’ ring to Cole, Preston, and Albert. at which point Diane will lead them to her estranged sister Janey-E, and Dougie.


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In episode 12, we get a pretty clear picture of this. Mr. C texts Diane, “Las Vegas?” and she responds that the Task Force hasn’t asked her about it yet. What is Las Vegas a reference to? Albert and Cole wonder aloud about this later in the episode. With the benefit of the full season, we know that Janey-E is Diane’s sister, and the ring belongs to her husband Dougie. Considering that relationship, and that Janey-E and Dougie live in Vegas, it makes sense that Mr. C would be expecting Diane to lead the BRTF to Dougie.


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But why would he want that? In Mr. C’s plan, Dougie-Cooper would already be dead by the time Cole and Albert reach him. And it does take some time for them to find him– by the time the FBI finds Coop, Mr. C’s operatives have already attempted 3 assassinations. So Cole and Albert would arrive and find a dead “Dougie” who they wouldn’t be able to interact with. They’d assume Dougie is the missing Agent Cooper. The story would seem that Cooper assumed a new identity and married Janey-E, had a kid, and lived out his hidden life in Vegas.

The Detectives Fusco even reinforce this point– they point out that nothing on Dougie Jones exists prior to 1997, and assume he’s in witness protection. We know it’s because Dougie didn’t exist until Mr. C manufactured him, but the BRTF would take it as further proof that Cooper had assumed a new identity.



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Finally, all this would lead to Mr. C’s two desired outcomes:

  1. While Mr. C is off searching for coordinates, the BRTF is sidetracked investigating the rabbit hole of Dougie Jones’ life.
  2. Without any other knowledge of a second Cooper even existing, the BRTF would assume the case on the missing Cooper closed, and would stop investigating Cooper-related activity. Then Diane would murder the agents, completely eradicating all possible FBI knowledge of Mr. C. He could then continue his criminal enterprises completely unknown to any law enforcement.

Unfortunately his plan fails. Dougie-Cooper gets some supernatural help, allowing the FBI to reconnect with him. Mr. C gets thwarted in his plans by the Fireman, and returned to the Waiting Room thanks to Mr. C, Mike, and Lucy.

Although he’s not successful, Mr. C builds a cogent plan, and it’s impressive that he’s able to purpose Dougie to so many ends.

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5 thoughts on “Mr. C’s Plan For the Blue Rose Task Force

  1. Thank you for elucidating Mr C’s plan to avoid the authorities and his use of Dougie! Looking forward to your analysis of why Mr C is looking for Judy. Does he think Judy is a threat to him or ally?


  2. This is a good question, and something I’ve been thinking about. I’m not even sure he knows he’s looking for Judy– all we know for sure is he’s looking for the symbol on the ace which resembles the Experiment, and he seems confused and a little nervous when talking to Jeffries about Judy. Contrast that with his conversation with Darya– he seems hungry for the Experiment, as if it’s something he really, really wants. He may not have connected the dots and realized they’re the same entity.

    Why is he looking for the Experiment? The Final Dossier says something about it, but I also suspect it’s some kind of power he thinks he’ll obtain by connected with it.


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