How The Lodge Ring Got to Dougie Jones



Mr. C got ahold of the Lodge Ring sometime between 1991 and 2016, and gave it to Dougie.

The Facts


  • In Episode 3, we see that Dougie-Tulpa is wearing the Lodge Ring
  • In The Missing Pieces, there’s a scene that shows Annie Blackburn wearing the ring. An attending nurse sees the ring, takes it from Annie, puts it on, and runs off.


What Does It All Mean?

There’s a long way from that hospital in 1990 to the Dougie-Tulpa we see in 2016. To try and suss out the entire history of the ring during that time would be futile, and not relevant to Twin Peaks The Return.

So what do we know? We know where the ring started: on the hand of Annie’s nurse. We know where the ring landed: on the hand of Dougie-Tulpa. We also know Dougie was being controlled by Mr. C, and Mr. C took Dougie’s ring and stuck it inside Major Briggs.

Based on that, the clearest narrative structure here is that Mr. C gave the Lodge Ring to Dougie. But how did Mr. C get it in the first place? The Missing Pieces provides a convenient timeline– Annie and her nurse were in the hospital at the same time as Mr. C and Audrey, so he could have taken it after visiting Audrey. He would then hold onto the ring for 25 years until the time came to use it. That would wrap everything up, except…

Except, The Final Dossier reveals that, somehow, somewhere in the 90s, the Lodge Ring ends up on the hand of Donald Trump!

At this point, I’m not sure a whole lot more analysis would even be fruitful. I’m content to know that the ring somehow went from the nurse, to Trump, and finally ended up in the hands of Mr. C, to be delivered to Dougie before the Lodge switch took place.


Mr. C gave to Lodge ring to Dougie.

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