1. Understanding the Motels in Episode 18
  2. What the Fireman’s Clothes Reveal (And it’s surprisingly important)
  3. Analysis of the Furnace Scene with James Reveals some Weird Things
  4. Connecting The Mauve Tower to The Great Northern Hotel
  5. The Intro Shots to the Roadhouse Are All One Scene
  6. Mr. C Built the Glass Experiment Box in NYC
  7. Black Lodge Utility Pole In an Impossible Place with Richard Horne
  8. Mr. C Raped Audrey, and Richard is His Son
  9. Sarah Palmer is Possessed by The Experiment
  10. Where Does the Laura orb in Episode 8 Go?
  11. Dougie Jones The Original Is a Tulpa
  12. Mr. C Created Dougie Jones
  13. Mr. C Is The “Bad Man” in Duncan Todd’s Life
  14. Mr. C Set Up Multiple Hits on Dougie-Coop
  15. The Beeping Argentina Box: What It is, and Its Purpose
  16. A Cooper Scene in the Waiting Room is a Flashback, Laura is the Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane, and What That Means
  17. The Locations of Mr. C’s Coordinates
  18. What is Going On With the Portal at 430?
  19. Phillip Jeffries (Kettle Jeffries) Is In the Mauve Zone
  20. Are The Experiment and Judy Related?
  21. Judy is Possessing Sarah Palmer
  22. Accessing the Mauve Zone Via the Convenience Store
  23. A Quick Note On Camera Techniques in Twin Peaks
  24. What is going on in the Waiting Room Scene With the White Horse? And Why is It So Important?
  25. What Is The Black Stuff Dougie and the Argentina Box Are Made Of?
  26. What was Mr. C’s role regarding Naido?
  27. Who Were the People That Came in When Bill Hastings Was Talking to Major Briggs?
  28. The Buckhorn and Dougie-Tulpa Mini-Timeline
  29. Did Ray Ever Actually Get the Coordinates From Betty?
  30. Mr. C Made It to the Meeting Between Hastings and Briggs in the Zone
  31. Who Killed Ruth Davenport?
  32. Mr. C’s Plan For the Blue Rose Task Force
  33. What is the Significance of the Scratchy Electricity Sound? What about the Utility Poles?
  34. The Guitar Twang and Ethereal Lodge Music are Code For Mike Activity
  35. The Meaning Behind Smooth and Jittery Animations
  36. How The Lodge Ring Got to Dougie Jones
  37. Understanding the Purpose of Backward Talking
  38. Who Is The American Girl In Naido’s Palace?
  39. Mr. C’s Plan for Cooper: The Complete Narrative
  40. How Mr. C Stayed Out of the Black Lodge